Why yes, this is our CEO.

Cuestion Tequila is the JAM, ya’ll.  First, these two guys were like, “I LOVE TEQUILA!” and then they’re all “LET’S HAVE A PARTY AND MAKE SOME!” and then it turned out that they were like, seriously good at it.  Unfortunately, they were kinda tipsy, and had to ask a lot of questions like… “WHERE’S THE BATHROOM?” and “WHAT WAS YOUR NAME AGAIN?” and like, “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?”

But from there, things just kinda fell into place.  In just a few short years they built a brand that has become famous world-wide.

Meanwhile, this other guy, Jason Fandrich, was all like, “I’m so sad!  I don’t even have a girlfriend and I have to vacation with my mom!” But while he was in Mexico with his mom this one time, he met the boys making Cuestion, and a passionate love story blossomed.  They decided to partner-up.

Jason got his importer’s license, placed his first order, and got that sweet nectar to the masses in the U.S. like a BOSS.  Then he hooked up a bunch of dough from some super smart folks that know a good opportunity when they see one, hired this ace marketing dude and a money guy that knows more about cigars than Cubans know about snow, and the rest is just kind of history.

If you’re reading this, there’s a reason.  You don’t just google “Cuestion Spirits.”  This stuff is for real, Neal. And it’s a steal compared to other ultra premium tequilas that pretty much suck in comparison.

Now go get out there and order you a shot. Or that hot girl you’ve got your eye on.  Or boy… or whatever crazy crap you’re wound up about.

Just know this.  Here at Cuestion, we question EVERYTHING.  Because sometimes, the unexpected is exactly the right answer.