We would first like to thank everyone who participated in the Summer Camp promotion, we truly appreciate all your shares, likes, and comments! Thanks to you we reached over 20,000 people through our social media channels.

With that being said, congratulations to Amanda Miller and Tanya Louise, who each won a pair of VIP tickets to Summer Camp, which takes place this weekend 5/24 through 5/26. Summer Camp is a yearly jam music festival held on Memorial Day weekend in Chillicothe, IL. The event features six stages, recreational field day events, and even family friendly activities for children.

Cuestión is the exclusive tequila of Summer Camp and will be available at all concession stands! We will also be having a special tasting with CEO Jason Fandrich at the Vibe Tent on Saturday at 3:15pm, be sure to stop by!

Cuestion is the exclusive tequila of Summer Camp

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