Juliana Cole and The Boho Beat

Nashville, Tenn. (April 3, 2014) peermusic is proud to announce, in partnership with Cuestion Tequila, the brand distribution pre-release of Juliana Cole & The Boho Beat’s “Ooh La La Luv”.  Cuestion and Juliana have teamed up to create an elegant specialty drink inspired by Juliana Cole & The Boho Beat and flavored by Cuestion.  As a limited edition distribution, free digital download cards for “Ooh La La Luv” and recipes for “La La Luv” will be shipped in Cuestion’s spring shipment to over 14 states.  With an official release to iTunes set for May 6, 2014, Juliana and Boho are excited about this one of a kind release.


 “I am so excited for the opportunity to team up with Cuestion Tequila. Many thanks to Heather Cook and Craig Currier at peermusic and Mike Hagler of Cuestion for making this collaboration!  I hope everyone “Ooh La La Luvs” this cocktail/tune as much as I do,” says Juliana. 


“We’re very excited to promote the music of Juliana Cole and The Boho Beat through Cuestion Tequila. Music is a big part of all of our lives and being able to share her sound with our audience is exciting. Everyone is sure to enjoy her song “Ooh La La Love” – Jason Fandrich, CEO, Cuestion Spirits


About Juliana Cole & The Boho Beat: 

A blending of vintage big band swing from the 40’s and 50’s with urban loops and pop sensibilities of today. Juliana’s voice and style is reminiscent of classic artist from that era, like Julie London and Peggy Lee. She seamlessly bridges the gap between the “old” and “new,” incorporating the iconic styles of that time. The end result is a unique combination of modern day torch songs with flirtatious energy, infectious beats and hooks that lure this listener.  http://julianacoleandthebohobeat.com.


About Cuestion Tequila:

Founded in 2007 by Jose de Jesus Dominguez Figueroa and his partner Jose de Julio Marquez Ochoa, Cuestión Tequila is 500 years in the making. The ancient Aztecs of Jalisco, Mexico, masters of the alchemistic arts, were the first to distill the sweet nectar of the Blue Weber Agave plant into one of the world’s most cherished spirits.  http://cuestionspirits.com/


About peermusic:

peermusic is the only truly independent global music publishing company with a worldwide presence. Through its network of over 30 offices peermusic’s professionals actively support and develop a roster of talented writers and artists, while managing a diverse catalog of over a half million titles. More information is at www.peermusic.com.

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