Cuestión is a proud sponsor of the Jacob Martin Band Summer Tour 2013 and will be stopping by to offer free tastings for select tour dates!

The first stop will be at the Farmington Country Days Festival  in Farmington, MO on 5/31/13. The tasting will begin at 9PM and The Jacob Martin Band will be performing on the Long Park Mainstage from 10PM-11PM.

The next stop will be on 6/13/13 at the Porterfield Country Music Fest in Marinette, WI. Time of the show and tasting is still TBD, so check back for updates.

Finally, come celebrate an entire weekend at the Tequila Cowboy in West Palm Beach! The band will be performing and we will be having tastings every night 7/25/13 through 7/28/13 at 8PM!

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