*UPDATE* The Tampa Rough Riders have honored Cuestion Tequila’s Jfan by inviting him to ride on their float in the Gasparilla Parade! Make sure you come out and see the amazing floats and catch some beads thrown by Jfan. This is the first time a nonmember has been allowed to be on the float with the Rough Riders, and it is quite an honor! Just goes to show, you should #CuestiónEverything!

Cuestión is the official sponsor of the Tampa 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, “The Rough Riders“. The Rough Riders are a storied social club hailing from Tampa, FL. Their name comes from the group of volunteers who fought under Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish-American war.

The Rough Riders will be taking part in the Gasparilla Pirate Fest on January 28, 2012. They will be involved with the parade that begins at 2PM EST and starts at Bay to Bay Boulevard and Bayshore Boulevard.

Come join the Rough Riders and Cuestión for a fun day of pirate mayhem! Rough Riders prefer Cuestión tequila, what’s in your cup? #CuestiónEverything

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