Infinite Change

If there is anything certain in this life, it is that change is inevitable.  In life, as in business, change occurs daily, hourly and even sometimes minute-by-minute.  Not only is change inevitable, it is absolutely essential.

Infinite symbol

In business school, they teach classes on change management. Is it possible to truly manage change?  If you can see the horizon and adapt accordingly; then maybe so.  But, what about evolving change?  The moment of evolution in our lives when we look at our surroundings and we are not exactly sure how we got where we are, how we got there, and where are we headed next?

Our lives involve constant change, so there is the idea of infinite change.  Is it, change, adapt, evolve or die? If that is true, then we are constantly managing change. So our lives and our business are a consistent effort to manage the inevitable and perpetual change that occurs naturally.

So, what do we do when we choose to do more than just manage the inevitable and actually enact force to create change? When we use a calculated effort to change our course, do we follow our instinct, our intellect or do we walk by faith?  As an entrepreneur, its actually is all three.  We must follow our instinct and make decisions that are drawn from past experiences and insight.

However, many times, we walk forward not knowing what the outcome will be because we have a belief that what we are doing is right and if it is right, the foundation will be laid before us.  That is faith.  I’m not saying that we should live life with blind faith without any calculations; I just believe that if one is to manage change, create change or respond to change, it takes all three: Instinct, intellect and faith.

As the 21st looms ahead, we are confronted with the notion that the Mayans believe that the world will end.  If it does, then so be it.  If it doesn’t then how do we react to another apocalyptic misstep?  Well, Zig Zigler always said that ‘tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.’  If that is the case, then maybe the 22nd of Dec will be the first day of a new world.  Maybe, we have the opportunity for a clean slate-a new beginning.  If that is not managing change, well, I don’t know what it.  So look ahead, walk forward and embrace the change that your life offers you everyday!  And, Cuestión everything while you’re at it.

– Jason Fandrich, CEO Cuestión Tequila